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Joint Pain Symptoms
  •  Fractures. They occur due to a break in bone or cartilage. Although fractures are usually the result of injuries, they can also be caused by bone disease or irregular bone structure. The categories in the medical world are divided according to their position and characteristics.
  •  Osteochondritis Dissecans: It is a condition of the joints where the bone and cartilage in the vicinity lose a quantity of blood. Virtually every joint in the body can suffer from this disorder, with the knees and elbows affected more frequently.
  •  Sickle cell anemia: It is a disease of the blood that results from irregular hemoglobin. It is the protein contained in red blood cells. When the number of red blood cells decreases, anemia occurs. Abnormal sickle cells can also cause a stoppage in blood vessels. This can lead to tissue damage.
  •  Sprains: This is another cause of joint pain symptoms. This results in injuries involving the ligaments. The causes are excessive use of ligaments. The ligaments have an impact on the joints because the former allows mobility at the latter. Orthopedic surgery is among the various treatments for the distortions.
  •  Tendonitis: is a pain that occurs in a tendon or tissue that connects muscles and bones. Tendinitis is the most frequent result of injuries, such as those affecting the tendons that surround the elbow or shoulder. This can also occur due to disorders such as gout or reactive arthritis.
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With increasing age many people suffer from joint pain, back pain and spine pain.
Effect medication can relieve you with pain and also help find the root cause.
One of the effective ways to cure the pain is to use external medication cream such as Artrovex.
This cream increases functionality of tissues at area of application, thus removing pain and increasing mobility.
This cream can help you replace expensive medication drugs and avoid imminent surgical intervention.
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Back Pain Symptoms
  •  Difficulty standing straight or standing in a particular position for a long time. When this symptom occurs, it usually occurs due to a back injury that can be caused by muscle overload, an accident, or sudden falls
  •  Discomfort when sitting This is probably due to pressure on the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body. This is caused by lifting, twisting, overworked muscles, etc.
  •  Difficulty in walking characterized by weakness and fatigue in the legs. The difficulty to walk is usually due to tightening or narrowing of the spinal canal which is the passage of the nerves. Both legs are usually affected, so walking is unbearable. However, this usually improves when you lean forward.
  •  Pain that radiates to the buttocks or legs. This radiating pain in the buttocks and legs is usually as a result of sciatica, nerve compression or the spinal disc that is pushed from the normal boundary.
  •  Pain, tenderness, and stiffness felt in the lower back. All these symptoms are associated with a back injury, sciatica, disc, and strengthening of the spinal canal through which the nerves pass. When symptoms occur, their severity varies depending on whether it is acute or chronic. It is good to understand whether its chronic or acute so as to seek immediate medical intervention.
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